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Note that for larger volumes of invoices or invoices with a large number of lines, you should consider pasting the invoice line details from a spreadsheet template.  If your volumes are such that you need an automated solution, contact our support team and we can discuss further options available to you.

To enter an invoice online click 'Invoice a Customer' (centre of the page) and click 'Create Invoice' beside the customer you wish to invoice.  Then choose 'Enter Invoice Online' at the bottom of the page.  You now enter your invoice header details as follows.

Statement Account Reference   Your customer’s statement account reference as it appears on your system (this information will be remembered after the first time that you enter it).
Delivery Account Reference   You can enter a delivery account if you need to show it on the invoice.
Invoice Display Reference/Number   Invoice number on the invoice in your system.
Date on Invoice   Date to appear on the invoice.
Purchase Order (PO) Reference (This Invoice)   Purchase Order Number (if required by your customer).
Number of Lines on Invoice   Total number of lines excluding headers (if you need to add more later, just change this value and click Update).
Quantity Decimal Places   Number of decimal places required on quantity of product delivered or sold.
Item Price Value Decimal Places   Number of decimal places required on price values.
Summary Totals   Net, Gross and VAT values (these are verified against the invoice line details before the invoice can be submitted).

Now click 'Enter Invoice Lines', then scroll to the bottom of the screen to enter the product details, quantity, item price and VAT rate for each line.  If you need to add more lines you can go back to the 'Number of Lines on Invoice' section and increase the value.

When finished, click 'Preview to Send', which shows you a preview.  If you need to change anything, click 'Modify' at the top of the page.  Below the preview you will see 'Dispatch Notifications' which shows the email address of the person within your organisation who will receive an email confirming that the invoice has been submitted successfully.  This area is automatically populated with the email address used to login.

Finally, click 'Submit to OnePosting' to send the invoice (or 'Submit to OnePosting - Enter Another' to submit and create another).

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