How to use the Excel or CSV Template to create invoices

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To create a large invoice in OnePosting using an Excel Template, login and click 'Invoice a Customer' (centre of the screen), then 'Create Invoice' beside the customer you wish to invoice.  Now choose 'Paste line details from Excel/CSV'.

This brings you to a screen where you enter your invoice header details.  First you select whether the document is an invoice or a credit note, and then you enter details as follows.

Customer Account No   Your customer's billing account reference as it appears on your system (this information will be remembered after the first time that you enter it)
Delivery Account Reference   Add a delivery account reference on your invoice if required
Invoice Display Ref/Number   Invoice number on the invoice in your system
Date on Invoice   Date to appear on the invoice
Purchase Order (PO) Reference (This Invoice)   Purchase Order Number if required by your customer
Number of Lines on Invoice   Total number of lines excluding headers (if you need to add more lines later you can just change this and click Update)
Quantity Decimal Places   Number of decimal places required on quantity of product delivered or sold
Item Price Value Decimal Places   Number of decimal places required on price values
Summary Totals   Net, Gross and VAT values (which are later verified against the invoice line details before the invoice can be submitted)

Now click 'Open Excel Template' to get a template into which you can enter the following for each line.

Item No   Invoice Item number
Date Line   Date on the invoice
Order Reference   Sales reference number
Delivery Reference
Product Display Ref Entered   Product Code
Product Description   A brief description of the product
Quantity   The quantity of a particular product
Item Price   The unit price (ex VAT)
VAT Rate ID   The VAT code
VAT Rate   The VAT rate as a percentage (e.g. 23 if the rate is 23%)
Delivery Address   Your customer's delivery address
Delivery Post Code   Your customer's delivery post code
Comments   Any additional comments
Invoice Exception Notes   Notes for invoice exceptions
Customer Display Ref   The customer's account reference
Customer Name

When your Excel file is ready, copy and paste the details (including the column headings) into the text area and click 'Import'.  You then click 'Preview to Send' to show a preview, allowing you edit any mistakes by clicking 'Modify' near the top of the page.

If you are happy with the invoice, you then click either 'Submit to OnePosting' (or 'Submit to OnePosting - Enter Another' if you have another to send).

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