Invoices or Statements assigned to the wrong supplier? How to break the link

Padraig Kelly -

When the first invoice from a supplier is sent to OnePosting it is assigned to the Supplier ref in your back office system for that supplier.

This is done by a user who looks after the items that drop into the Items for attention area. As with any manual task it can sometimes be assigned incorrectly. 

If you find invoices or statements are coming into OnePosting assigned to the wrong supplier here is what you do.

  • Log in & Click Suppliers (top left)
  • From the Suppliers menu on the Blue bar select Manage My Suppliers.
  • Search and View the supplier to whom document are being incorrectly assigned. 

At the top of the View Supplier screen there is a button called Supplier Inbox Setup

Click this to see what email domain is assigned to this supplier. Click Break all connections to reset the link to this supplier. 

This will mean that the next time an invoice is sent in from the supplier who is mistakenly being assigned, the invoice will drop into items for attention to be assigned to a supplier ref.



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