AP - How to move an invoice from one Supplier to the correct supplier

Second Line Support -

When an invoice is sent in to OnePosting it is the senders email domain that is used to automatically link the invoice to the correct supplier ref. When an invoice is received for the first time from it is dropped into Items for Attention where a user must link it to the correct supplier ref.

If the invoice is not linked correctly, the following outlines how to change the supplier ref assigment. 

What invoices are affected?

Any invoices submitted after the change will be assigned to the updated supplier ref. 

Any unapproved invoices will also be changed. Note, if an invoice has been approved by first line and escalated to another approver for final approval, that invoice will be reset and will require first line approval again.

What to do?


  • Log in and select Suppliers from the top left.
  • Select Manage Suppliers from the Suppliers option on the blue bar. 
  • Search for and view the supplier to whom invoices are currently incorrectly assigned.
  • On the view supplier screen click on 'Supplier Inbox Setup'

The Supplier Inbox Setup shows what email domains are currently assigned to this supplier ref. The Supplier ref, name and other details are shown in the upper portion of the screen. There are two options on the screen;

  1. Break links to this supplier ref. - This option just breaks the link on this supplier ref to the email address domains currently linked to it. Meaning the next time an invoice is sent from that email address it will drop into items for attention to be assigned to a supplier ref.
  2. Assign to a different supplier ref: - This moves the email domains from the current supplier to another supplier. Meaning the next time on invoice is sent from that email address, the invoices will automatically be linked to the new supplier ref.

Assign to a Different Supplier

On the Supplier Inbox Settings screen, enter the supplier ref for the supplier you want to move the email addresses to. 

Click the Assign as Addition.


If you are unsure on any step or if the email address domain you are moving is a generic email address such as gmail.com, quickbooks or Xero email addresses amongst others, please contact support@oneposting.com.


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