Invoice to PO matching - Understanding how to link PO lines to Invoice lines for the same products or services

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Line Assigning

If a product code or description on an invoice line matches the product details on a PO line the system will automatically assign the invoice line(s) to that PO line. This assignment of invoice lines to PO lines is necessary as this allows the correct VAT Rate code and Purchases account code to be taken from the PO line and assigned to the invoice line for export to your AP system.

If the QTY and Price on the invoice are equal to or less than the PO details, the invoice lines will be auto matched to the PO lines and will not be shown by default on the invoice approval screen. Only lines that need to be reviewed due to price or QTY issues and lines that have not been assigned to a PO line are shown by default. This is to help with the process of approving invoices with large numbers of lines.

Any invoice lines that are shown fall into three categories.
1 - Matched to PO line but QTY on the invoice is higher than the PO. - These values are highlighted in Purple on the left column indicating these do not need to be tagged and matched to the PO lines.
2 - Matched to PO but Price differs due to rounding issues. These are highlighted in Blue font on the right hand column and are already matched to the PO line so do not require matching again.
3 - Not matched - These lines are highlighted in Red in the right hand column.

To see all lines including matched lines, click the Show All lines button. Alternatively view the invoice PDF near the bottom of the screen.

If you wish to undo line assignings use the reset buttons belwo the Match lines button
     Reset Session: Resets any lines you have manually assigned since you started reviewing this invoice.
     Reset All: Resets all line assignings including lines auto matched by the system.

If all lines have been un-assigned but you would like OnePosting to re-process the invoice and auto match the lines again go back to the 'My Outstanding Reviews' screen, tag the invoice and click the Re-Process button. 

Manually Assigning Invoice lines to PO lines
Where invoice product details have not found matching details on a PO line, these lines need to be manually assigned. 
To Match Lines just tick the box on the PO line to be matched, then tick the box on the invoice line, and click  'Match Lines to PO'. 

The outstanding amounts of both the invoice and the PO are displayed on the right of each grid (and if you match lines in error, just click the reset session button to start again).

When finished, click the ‘Submit Approval’ button. If the amounts of the invoice and PO match, the PO will be marked as complete automatically. If they don’t, you can still mark the PO as complete by ticking 'Mark PO as fully Processed' before clicking submit.

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