Invoice to PO matching - Understanding PO Lines section of the matching screen

Second Line Support -

PO lines (Key fields are highlighted in bold)

Field Name   Function
Item No   The order of lines on the PO.
Purchases Account   Purchases or Nominal account to which the PO line is assigned. When an invoice line is matched to this Po line, this is the purchases / nominal account that the invoice line will also be assigned to.
You   When an invoice line is split over more than one cost centre, this field indicates to the approver that this is the line they need to approve.
Alternate Cost Centre   Cost centre to which the line is assigned to.
Product Details   Product/service line Code and Description
Quantity   Ordered Quantity
Item Price   Price per item
Export & Allocated   This field shows how much of the PO line has already been allocated to an invoice line on another invoice. This amount has already been approved and therefore is committed.
Auto & Manual Committed   This shows the value of the PO that has been assigned to other invoices that are still awaiting full approval.
When this invoice is approved, if it fulfills the PO or uses some of the available balance that has been auto assigned to another invoice that is still in the queue for approval, those other invoice reviews will be recalculated after this invoice has been approved.
This Session Additions   Shows what value of the PO has been assigned to invoice lines during this invoice approval review.
Outstanding   Displays how much of the total value of the line is still available to be assigned to invoices.
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