Invoice to PO matching - Understanding Invoice Lines section of the matching screen

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Invoice Lines (Key fields are highlighted in bold)

Item No   Order of lines on the invoice
Ship   Indicates if lines are Shipping charges
Status / Reason   This field shows the match status of the line and the reason why if it is unmatched. 
Product Details   Product or Service code &/or Description
Alt Purchases Account   The Purchases / Nominal account to which this invoice is assigned. (Can be changed by tagging the line and clicking the Assign Purchases Account Button)
QTY/Split   Qty of product being invoiced. 
If an invoice line is split over more than one cost centre this shows the amount of the split QTY that is assigned to this cost centre 
Item Price   Price per item
Line Total / Split   Line value
Or value of the split amount assigned to this cost centre.
VAT Rate   VAT Rate assigned to this line. (Can be changed by selecting another)
Line VAT   Shows the amount of VAT charged on this line
Allocated   How much of this line has been auto allocated or allocated on a previous approval of this invoice.
This   Amount of the invoice that is being matched in this approval session.
Outstanding   Value of invoice line still un-allocated to a PO line


Invoice Status / Reason Field Explained
The Status / Reason field shows the matched status of lines on the to p line of the field and if lines are not matched it indicates the reason why on the bottom line. This field together with the Outstanding field provide a full picture of each invoice line so it is important for approvers to understand these fields fully.

Status Reason Outstanding What this means Action
Awaiting Approval Manual Assigning Necessary

Full amount of the line is shown as O/S in Red

This line is unmatched and needs to be manually assigned to the correct PO line by the approver.  Click the invoice line, then click the PO line and click Match Lines button.
Part Approved Against Purchase Order Price Greater than PO Value of less than 5c shown in Blue This means there is a rounding issue on the invoice causing a small difference between the line total on the invoice and the calculated total using the QTY x Price. Generally caused by prices of more than 2 decimal places rounded differently by different systems. The value is shown in blue to indicate it is within the allowed rounding tolerance. No physical action needed. Check the QTY and Price and ensure you are satisfied with the values as normal.
Line Fully Matched Price Less than PO Auto Matched in Green The line is auto matched by the system. The price does not match the PO but it is less than the price on the PO which is accepted as a match. No physical action needed. Check the QTY and Price as normal to confirm delivery.
Line Fully matched Matched - No check required Auto Matched in Green The line is auto matched by the system because all details match the PO. No physical action needed. Check the QTY and Price as normal to confirm delivery.
Approved without value quantity match   Line Value in Purple This shows the line is picked up and linked on product details with a corresponding line on the PO. But the price and quantity do not match. Invoice and PO lines do not need to be manually clicked and matched to each other but the QTY and Price need to be checked.
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