Manually entering invoices for your customer in OnePosting

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If your customer has asked you to submit invoices to them via OnePosting and your invoicing system is unable to produce the invoice in a PDF document with a consistent layout you can use this page to manually enter the invoice(s).

There is no login required but you must provide an email address to which your invoice is sent for confirmation before it is sent to your customer.


Entering Header Details



Mandatory Fields.

  1. Invoice / Credit Note check box: Indicate whether you are entering an Invoice or a Credit Note by ticking the appropriate tick box above the company details section.
  2. From (Name & Address): Enter your company name followed by your company address on the following lines.
  3. To (Name & Address): Enter your customers company name and address details.
  4. Invoice #: Add the invoice number or reference assigned by your invoicing system.
  5. Invoice Date: Use the date picker to select the date that appears on your invoice.
  6. Currency: Select the currency that you invoice is raised in from the list provided.
  7. Cost Centre / Store: Select the Cost Centre or Store to which your invoice should be submitted for approval.
  8. PO #: If your customer issues POs to you they must be added to the Invoice.

Optional Header Fields

  1. Account Reference: If your system assigns a reference or ID to your customer when it is added to your system and the reference/ID is displayed on the invoice it should also be entered here.
  2. Tax Registration #: If your customers tax registration number is displayed  on your invoice please enter it here.

Entering Product / Service Line Details



  1. Description: Enter the description of the first Product or Service on the invoice.
  2. Quantity: Enter the number of items delivered. In the case of a service always enter 1.
  3. Item Price: Enter the individual price of the products delivered without tax. In the case of a service line enter the total value of the line without tax.
  4. Tax/VAT %: Enter the percentage rate of tax to be applied to this line. ie if 13% enter 13.00.
  5. Add Item: When all fields have been entered, click the Add Item button to commit the line.

If you have made an error on the line you can edit the line by typing into the fields to be changed. The invoice totals will update automatically when you click on another part of the screen.

Lines can be removed entirely by clicking the Remove button in the Options column at the end of the line.

Repeat these steps for all lines on the invoice.

Submitting the Invoice

Your Email Address: When all details have been entered you must enter your email address before you can proceed. 

Preview Invoice: You can preview the invoice before submitting it by clicking the Preview button. This will generate a PDF version of the invoice and download it to your PC. The link will be shown on screen. Click the file link to view it.

Submit: If you are happy with the details entered click Submit to upload the invoice onto the system. 

Important: The invoice is not yet sent to your customer as it must be verified first.

Verifying the Invoice

The system will generate the Invoice PDF and send you an email with the subject line:

      Subject: OnePosting Manual Invoice Verification - (followed by the invoice number)

Inside the email there will be a link to view your invoice. 


Click on the link to view and verify your invoice. The invoice will be displayed with summary details and options under a message saying:


Your invoice has now been sent to your customer for approval


If you have any questions about entering invoices manually for your customers via OnePosting please send them to



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