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There are a number of ways to view invoices in the system. Which option you use depends on why you are looking for invoices and how much detail you have for the invoice(s) you are looking for.

1 - Main Search option:
From the All Inbound Docs menu, the first option on the list is the main search function. With this option you can search for invoices using the invoice ref, the PO ref or the supplier ref or name. The search can be limited by date range. Either use a predefined date range from the Selected View list or add start and end dates.
You can access the invoice timeline using the Track link. This opens a list of all actions that have occurred on this invoice from the point it is received. This includes system actions as well as user interventions and approvals. Outstanding actions are shown as Open on the timeline tab.

2 - Supplier Invoices View
To view all invoices received from a single supplier, another option is to load the supplier from the manage suppliers option on the Suppliers menu on the blue menu bar. When viewing the supplier you can select the Supplier Invoices link from the menu options on the left side of the screen.

3 - By Purchase Order assignment
You can view all invoices linked to a specific PO by searching for the PO in the Purchase Order Search from the Purchase Orders menu on the blue menu bar. View the PO. There are a number of tabs across the upper part of the view PO screen. Click on Invoices tab. All invoices linked to this PO are shown. Rejected invoices are not included.

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