How to Run reports in OnePosting

Second Line Support -

The reports module is available to users from the 'Others' menu in the top left of the screen. Hover over Others to view the drop down menu options. Select Reports.

Then from the Blue menu bar select 'All Reports' to see all reports available to you.

Expand the Supplier Invoicing section. 
Select the report you wish to run by clicking on it and clicking 'Run Report' in the options box that appears to the right.

Enter your date range and other parameters then click one of the following options to run the report;

  • Run Report to run the report with results shown on screen. 
  • Download XLS to export the report to MS Excel. When the report is generated, an XSL icon appears on the screen below the Download XLS button. Click the icon to download the file to your downloads folder. 
  • Download PDF to run the report to PDF.
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