How to view POs that have not been authorised to send to suppliers

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Viewing POs that require Authorisation. 

If a user raises a PO that is for a value greater than the users authorised limit, the PO is then escalated to another user who has sufficient limit to authorise it before it is released to the supplier.

Use the POs for authorisation screen to view all POs that have been escalated and are awaiting authorisation. 

Access the screen from the Purchase Orders menu on the Blue bar. Select the 'All Purchase Orders for Authorisation' menu option.

The screen displays a list of all POs awaiting Authorisation, including Supplier details, PO Value, when it was raised and who it is awaiting authorisation with. 

Users are limited to only seeing POs raised in cost centres to which they are assigned. Admin users can see all POs in all cost centres using this feature.

The PO can be viewed, cancelled, Edited or Authorised directly from this page. Only users with sufficient limit to authorise the PO will be able to.


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