I can't login - how do I change my password?

OnePosting Support -

If you cannot login to OnePosting, the best approach is to change or reset your password.
To do this, go to www.oneposting.com and click Login
Now choose your geographical region and click Enter Site
This will bring you to the screen below, where you can click 'Forgot Your Login Details' (below 'Sign In')

European Login Screen.jpg

This will send you an email containing a link that will bring you to the password reset screen.
Just enter your email address twice, type the code from the image, and click Submit Request. 


You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.
Just click the link and it will bring you to a screen where you can enter a new password.

Make sure to choose a password which is hard to guess, and include letters, numbers, and preferably a special character (such as *, @, $ etc)

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