Handling Rejected invoices

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When you send invoices to OnePosting, they are checked for several key pieces of data, and checked to ensure that the amounts on the invoice add up correctly.  Where an invoice fails any of these checks, it is returned to the supplier automatically via the designated email address, so that the supplier can address and resend it if required.

Note that there is no benefit to re-sending an invoice unless it was rejected and you have modified it in some way, in response to the reject reason.

Future invoices will be rejected automatically where they have an issue.  The reject reason explains why an invoice was not accepted, and you should take the appropriate action to resolve it.  In most cases this involves fixing the invoice data and resending it from the same email address to your customer's OnePosting email address.

Invoices can also be rejected by the person assigned to approve them.  In these cases the approver adds the reason for rejecting the invoice. The reason they give might not be one of the auto reject reasons outlined on this page.

The following are examples of reject reasons and resolutions :

Attempt to send invoice with same number yet already processed
> When a second (or subsequent) copy of an invoice is sent after the previous copy has been approved, the new copy is rejected.
Bill To/Ship To incorrect/missing
> Customer name/address is either missing or has been billed to the wrong location
Cost centre missing/invalid - format #9999 or SN9999
> Valid cost centres must be provided in the format #9999 or SN9999
Date on Invoice/Document is too old to process
> The invoice date is older than the numbers of days back allowed for this customer.
Duplicate invoice
> An invoice with this number has already been sent from your company and is in the system without issue.
Invoice does not match delivery
> Invoice items do not match delivered items
Negative values not permitted on invoice
> Invoices may not contain negative values
New scraped copy - rejecting this one
> When a second (or subsequent) copy of an invoice is sent before the previous copy has been approved, the new copy is used and the previous copy is rejected.
No Proof of Delivery
> No matching proof of delivery found
Non-compliant invoice
> Invoice is missing details that are essential for it to be legally valid
Positive values not permitted on credit note
> Credit notes may not contain positive values
Pricing incorrect
> Pricing does not match agreed prices
Purchase Order number missing/invalid
> A purchase order number must be present on every invoice
Quarantine expired
> Invoice has been in quarantine for an extended period without being corrected

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