How to Generate Statements Online

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Click 'Documents' on the top left, then choose 'Statement Generation' from the 'Documents' menu on the blue menu bar.  Now click 'Generate New Statements'.

To generate a batch of statements, you first fill the details on the statement batch generation screen.

Batch Description   A brief description of the batch - this is for reference purposes only and will not appear anywhere on the statements.
Date On Statement   The date you wish to appear on the statement.  Statements will be generated using the most up to date data on OnePosting (i.e. as at today's date). If you are generating statements for the end of a month we recommend you generate the invoices as soon as possible after the end of the month.
Currency   Statements are generated only for customers with balances in the selected currency.
Message on Statement   If required, you can enter a message to appear on the statement.
Minimum Values Per Age Line   Minimum balance that must occur against one or more ageing lines.
Minimum Total Age Balance   You can exclude any account from having statements generated if the balance is less than the value stated here.  For example, if you do not wish to include zero balances, then enter a value of at least 1.

To generate statements, click 'Generate Statements'.  When all statements are generated, they need to be committed before they are released or visible to customers.  To do this, just tag the statements to be committed (or click Select All) and click 'Commit Tagged'.

If you wish to cancel any statements, just tag them and then click either 'Cancel Tagged' or 'Cancel All'.

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