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Companies without a system for creating and managing PO numbers can do so within OnePosting.  We notify the relevant supplier when a PO has been raised, and we can also request that suppliers submit acknowledgements of PO receipt, confirmations and/or shipping notices through OnePosting.

POs can be created in many ways with OnePosting from a simple 'next unique number' to multi-element numbers made up of parts relating to cost centres, business entities, staff members and or nominal codes.

To create a PO, click 'Suppliers' on the top left, then 'Purchase Orders' from the blue menu bar, and finally 'Create New Order' which should now be at the centre of the page.  Search for the supplier for whom you wish to raise a PO by entering your search criteria and pressing 'Search Suppliers'.  And to select a supplier, click the 'Create PO' button to the right of the supplier.

At this point you enter the Purchase Order header information.

There are only two mandatory fields:
Cost Centre   A division within the business that manages purchases-related costs arising from that division (e.g. Finance, HR, Marketing)
Date Due   Indicates the date on which delivery of the goods is due

Other optional fields
Summary Description   Short description of the order
Date Expire   Date on which the PO expires. Invoices, containing this PO number, submitted after this date will be quarantined by the system.
RMA Number   Return Merchandise Authorisation

Read Only fields for display purposes
PO Number / Ref   PO Number assigned to the purchase order. When the ordered goods are invoiced by the supplier, this number should be contained on the invoice to facilitate automated Invoice - PO matching.

Unused Fields
Supplier Order Type   Only standard types currently supported
Site/Location   Locations within each cost centre to which goods/services can be delivered
Shipping   Buyers can specify the courier/delivery method to use to deliver the ordered goods
Goods Review Days   
Request Acknowledgement   
Request Confirmation   
Request Shipping Notice 

Now add Product Details to the Order

Supplier Catalogues   Catalogues of supplier products can be created and stored on the system. A catalogue is added for a single supplier but more than one catalogue can be created for individual suppliers to cater for summer / winter product lists or regular orders made by different cost centres
Purchase Accounts/Nominal Lists   Assign nominal accounts with custom descriptions to order lines
Previous Invoices   Use products from previous invoices with this supplier
Previous Orders   Use products from previous orders with this supplier

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