How to assign Approvers to Cost Centres

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To assign approvers to Cost Centres for approving invoices sent to the Cost Centres, start with the 'Members' link on the top left and then choose 'Manage Approvers' to see all approvers that are assigned to Cost Centres.

You can search by Cost Centre reference number to see approvers set up for that cost centre.  Above the list of Approvers there are a selection of available actions

Add Approver   Click and specify the Cost Centre, user name and email address.
Remove Profile   Remove from Cost centre – Removes approver from the Cost Centre but the approver retains the ability to log in and see invoices and remains assigned to other Cost Centres.
Fully Expire Profile   Removes the Approver from the system. Approver can no longer log into OnePosting.
Change Review Role   Approve when within limits – Invoice is only assigned when the value of the invoice falls within the approval limit of the approver.
- Always Approve : All invoices for this Cost Centre are assigned to the approver for approval.
- Never Approve : User has access to Cost Centre invoices but not as an approver.
- Approve when escalated to : For second line approvers, only invoices with a value greater than the approval limit of the first line approver are assigned.
- Only Include if Originator : Where POs are created in OnePosting, this ensures invoices are assigned to the user who created the PO.


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