How do I manage accounts with a Head Office and linked delivery accounts?

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It is important to be careful when managing contacts on accounts that have delivery accounts / addresses linked to a statement account / Head Office account, especially where invoices don't all go to Head Office, or if contacts at the delivery address need to receive a copy.

Sending in the Post
If invoices are to be sent in the post then the address on the invoice will determine where it goes.

Sending via Email
If a contact registers on an account that previously received invoices by post, the account will be switched to email for all future invoices.

If a contact registers on the head office account, all invoices for that account (including invoices to all other delivery accounts) will be sent to that contact and nothing will go in the post.

If a contact at a delivery address needs to receive a copy of invoices only relating to that delivery address, the contact must be registered on the delivery address account, and not the head office.  The delivery address account reference can be found on an invoice for that delivery address.  If there is just one contact and they are registered on a delivery account, then invoices for that delivery account will be sent to that contact by email, and all other invoices on the account will be sent by post.

Tips for managing these accounts
You can set contact registration requests to require approval by supplier before they are activated, so that nothing changes on the account before approval.  To do this go to Manage Customers, View the Customers Head Office account, and in 'Contact Validation Mode' click 'Set Validation Required'.  This means that when a contact registers on this account, they will still be on postal until you approve.  

If you click the 'Customers' menu and choose 'View Contact Requests', then you can approve or reject from here. You can reject the registration request if you find a contact shouldn't be registered against the Head Office, after which you can simply add them as a contact on the Delivery Account.

You can also turn on the 'Always Use' option for Postal, if you want to ensure a copy will always go in the post regardless of what contacts are registered on the accounts or whether or not they receive emails.

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