How can I re-send an invoice or other document to a customer?

OnePosting Customer Care -

If a customer asks for a copy document, you should ask them to login to OnePosting and view their document online.  Instructions for the customer can be found here.

If however you want to resend an updated document by email or by the postal service, you can do so when logged in to OnePosting by selecting 'Documents' on the top left and then 'Search & Compose' from the page you are brought to.  Then enter your search criteria (e.g. Invoice No, Account Code, or Account Name) and click 'Refresh'.

Tick the check box beside the documents to be resent.  If you want to select a number of documents together, just use the Tag option to remember each document before searching for the next document. Tag each document as you find them. Tagged items are displayed above the search documents grid.

When all required documents have been searched and tagged – use the send options in the Tagged items box to re-send them.

To send by Email, click 'Send Envelope', enter or select an email and click Send on the following screen.
To send by Postal Service, click 'Send in Mail/Post'.

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