I no longer wish to receive email notifications

OnePosting Customer Care -

OnePosting sends emails when your supplier sends new invoices and documents to you through our service. Our email notifications are not a mailing list that you subscribe or unsubscribe from, they relate directly to real invoices and documents from your supplier. However if you wish to stop receiving such emails, please choose the appropriate option below.

You are no longer a customer of the Supplier
In this instance, you need to contact your Supplier directly so that they stop sending you invoices.

Someone else in your organisation is taking over invoice management
For this, you just need to change the email address on the account, for emails to go to the new person instead.

You wish to receive paper copies of invoices instead of the electronic originals
In order to revert to paper invoicing, please contact our Support desk and ask them to switch you to receiving paper copies of your invoices.  Be sure to tell us also why you chose to revert to paper, as there are plenty of advantages of having access to your last two years invoices online at your fingertips!

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