How do I view my invoices and documents online?

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This article applies if you use OnePosting just to receive invoices and documents from your supplier by email notification.

If you use OnePosting just to receive invoices and other documents by email notification, then all your documents are accessible to view, print, or download on using the instructions below.

When you log in to your account you will be brought to the Homepage.

- On the top left you will see a number of options, click on 'Suppliers', and on the next screen 'My Suppliers' on the lower menu.
- Your supplier list will show, from which you can choose which type of document you wish to see
- And finally on the next screen, choose to 'View (Outstanding) Invoices' or 'View (Current) Statements'.  To see PODs, go to the corresponding invoice, and there will be a link to the POD on the left.

For invoices, that screen will show you any current outstanding invoices and you can click into each, and print/download them. You can also change the Selected view to view invoices going back 24 months.  If there are invoices you expect to see here but which are not here, please contact your supplier and ask them for the invoice number(s), and drop us an email at so that we can track them for you.

For Statements, The screen will show you a list of the most recent statements sent to you by your supplier. Change the 'Selected View' or click on the start and end dates to see additional statements.

If you are linked to multiple accounts with the same supplier, you can switch between them using the drop down menu on the top right of the screen.

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