How do I manage Quarantined Documents?

OnePosting Customer Care -

If you send individual invoices or other documents to OnePosting directly by email, and do not have a OnePosting account, you can only correct a quarantined document by resending us a corrected version of the document.

However if you have a OnePosting account and you send documents to us in bulk using OnePosting DataCollector, OnePosting PostBox or SFTP, you can manage Quarantines by logging in to OnePosting, clicking 'Documents' on the top left, and going to 'Items for Attention'.

Your options are as follows

Modify Header   Change the name, address, post code and other header information
Fix Address   Fix and test the address for postal items
Email Instead   Email to the customer instead of postal
Fix   Fix custom specific issues
Approve  Approve invoices (ignore the check and let it through).  Note that the customer may reject again if not satisfied with this.

You can also tag multiple lines and do the following

Mark Documents Store Only   Store in OnePosting and don't notify customer
Try Again   Try to distribute the invoice again, as a setting may have changed in the meantime that would allow it.
Cancel Documents   Cancel the tagged documents
Approve Documents   Override an approval process (where permitted)
Bulk Update   Carry out bulk updates across lots of invoices (a filtering method so you don't have to tag)
Deal with Internally   Send tagged invoices to the email specified for the invoices to be managed internally

If the document isn't here at all, just go to 'Uploads and Enveloping' and select 'Rejected Uploads' where you can reinstate fully rejected invoices and return them to the 'Items for Attention' area.

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