I want to change my email address

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Sometimes you may want to change the registered email address you use for OnePosting.

If you have the old email address and login details
Login at www.oneposting.com and click 'Home' on the top left, then click 'My Personal Settings' and choose 'Modify My Email'.  Now click 'Edit Email Address', carry out your changes and click 'Commit Changes' to finish.  

If you want, you can also use this screen to hand your account over to another employee if you no longer work in this area.  Under 'My Contact Details' you can simply click 'Assign my supplier links and remove my profile', fill in the details for the new contact and click 'Commit Changes'.

If you don't have the old email address and login details
The simplest option is to just register your new email address.  Or, if you have access to the old email account itself, you could change the password on the old account and then use the instructions above to modify the email address.  If you use OnePosting to receive invoices only, you could also contact your supplier who may be able to update your email details on their side.

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