How do I see a list of customers receiving eInvoices in OnePosting?

OnePosting Customer Care -

Click 'Customers' at the top left, then click 'Customers' on the blue menu bar.

Select 'View Electronic' from the 'Customers' list in the left hand menu. Here you can search for registered customers by entering your search criteria and clicking 'Load Customers'. The dates selected show customers who have registered.

To see all registered customers, select View All from the selected view list and click 'Load Customers'.  If you wish, you can use the 'Export to Excel' option located just above the results grid to extract the customer details from the system.

Click 'View' to see the customer's details, and from here you can carry out a number of different tasks relating to the customer.

To see the list of customers receiving by Post choose the 'View Postal' option from the 'Customers' menu.

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