How to Create a Customer

OnePosting Customer Care -

Click 'Customers' on the top left, and then 'Create Customer' from the 'Customers' menu on the blue menu bar.  You are brought to a page where you can create a customer by completing the necessary details.  At very least you must enter

- Customer Account Reference
- Customer Name
- Address (addresses must consist of at least 2 lines)
- Country
- Currency

Most of the other fields on this screen are straightforward.  Some that may not be clear are :

- 'Days Credit' and 'Credit Limit', which describe the terms of credit for this customer
- 'Advance PO Request Required' and 'PO Required/Mandatory', which should both be ticked for customers who need to see their invoice before they raise a Purchase Order.  Ticking these sends a copy of the invoice to the customer with a section into which they can add their PO. The invoice is re-generated with the PO included and sent out as normal.

Finally, click 'Create a Customer' at the bottom of the page to add the customer.

If you wish, after you add the customer, you can add a specific contact to which the PO request will be sent in the contact section of the customer page. This contact can be different to the contact who will receive the completed invoice with the PO displayed.

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