Help with Registration Approval

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For registration approval, you are brought to a page where you can edit your company's details.
Please check all preloaded details to ensure that they are correct, and enter any missing details.
Pay particular attention to your Company VAT Number and logo, if your company has them.

Company/Trading Details will be automatically filled in. You can edit any details that you are not happy with.
Company Email Address, Main Phone Number and Main Fax Number will be automatically filled in.

You can upload your Company Logo to display on invoices. Click 'Browse', navigate to the image to use, and click Upload.

'Directory Settings' lets you indicate whether you want your company to be displayed in the Suppliers (Companies who send invoices through OnePosting) Directory or the Customers (Company who receive invoices through OnePosting) Directory. You can enter promotional text about your company in the text box and it will be displayed in the directory.

Fill your 'Business Registration Details', making sure that if you are a VAT paying company, that you provide your VAT number.

'Document Usage For Advanced Billing Estimates' is the estimated number of documents that you will send through OnePosting each month.  This information will be used for advanced billing purposes.

The Payment Options are:

Credit Card - This option allows you to make payment through PayPal without the need for an account.
Direct Debit - This option allows you to pay via Direct Debit
PayPal - This option allows you to pay using your PayPal account

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