Rules for PO Numbers

OnePosting Customer Care -

If your customer requires a PO number on their invoices, OnePosting checks that you have included one when you are sending invoices.  Depending on the rules specified by your customer, you may be required to submit a PO number with any one or more of the following rules
- A specific format e.g. it must be x characters long
- A value that must not be greater than the value of the PO
- Line details on the invoice that must match the line details on your PO

If the PO number is not valid, the system Quarantines the invoice and will not send it through to your customer until a valid PO Number has been added.  The full list of Quarantined invoices can be accessed when you login to OnePosting, and these invoices must be updated before they can be sent through.

Invoices must only contain one PO Number.  If you need to invoice your customer for work covered by more than one PO Number, please raise a separate invoice for the work on each PO.  However you can raise more than one invoice on a single PO Number, for example invoicing for some of the completed work on a PO today, and invoice again for more of the work on the same PO on another day.

If you are unsure of how to present the PO details on your invoice please contact your customer to clarify.

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