How to create a supplier

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To create a supplier, first click 'Suppliers' from the top left, then 'Manage all Suppliers'.  Now select 'View' beside your organisation and then select 'Manage Suppliers' from the left hand menu.

Click 'Create Supplier' to open a page where you add the supplier details.

Supplier Account Reference   Reference that you use to identify your supplier
Supplier Name   Name of your supplier
Address   Supplier's address
Payment Method
VAT Paying
PO Line Check mandatory
  A line-by-line check of an invoice against the PO number supplied
PO Line tolerance   Percentage that the line amounts are allowed to differ from the PO
PO Required/Mandatory
Goods receipt check
PO Number
  Existing PO number that your supplier has provided
Advanced PO notice required   Are your suppliers required to notify you in advance of issuing an invoice?
Advanced PO request required   Does your supplier need to supply a unique PO number each time an invoice is raised?
Approval Method
Default days to approve
  How many days are given for approval before a reminder is sent.  Reminders will then be sent repeatedly until approval is given
Days Credit   The number of days credit given
Credit Limit   The maximum amount of credit given to this supplier
Primary Contact Details   Supplier's primary contact details.  You can also select to send the new supplier registration instructions by email, letting them know that they have been set up and giving them instructions on how to register

Now click 'Create Supplier'. You can also use 'Mark Active/Inactive' with individual suppliers. A supplier is automatically set as active once they are created. You can then switch them between active and inactive.

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