How to create a catalogue

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Catalogues allow OnePosting members to add order lines to purchase orders from an existing catalogue of products.

To create a catalogue, click 'Suppliers' on the top left, then 'Manage Catalogues' from the 'Suppliers' drop down menu in the blue bar, and then 'Create Catalogue' (below the search field).

Enter a Catalogue Reference, Catalogue Name and select from the drop-down menu the connection that the catalogue relates to, and click 'Create Catalogue' to confirm your entry.

At this stage you populate the catalogue by uploading catalogue lines from Excel. Click the link to download the Excel template (it contains headers which explain each column). Add your catalogue's details to this template (with one product per row/line) and then copy and paste the entire spreadsheet (including the headers) to the Text Box in OnePosting, or simply upload the entire file using the 'Choose File' button.

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