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Invoices that require a PO number must be matched to the Purchase Order. The match is a line by line match. The system will attempt to auto match invoice lines to PO lines using the Product code or Description. The system then compares the quantity ordered and the price. If the details match the line is auto matched and the process is repeated for each of the remaining lines on the invoice. 

Depending on how your invoice approval workflow is set up in OnePosting you may want invoices that completely match the PO to be automatically sent for export to the AP system. Many companies prefer to ensure every invoice is sent for at least one manual review to check that everything invoiced was delivered.

If an invoice is not auto matched to the PO it is sent for manual approval. This may require the approver to assign invoice lines to PO lines as well as visually check the price and qty invoiced. If the first approver does not have sufficient approval limit, the invoice will be escalated to an approver who has an approval limit that exceeds the value of the invoice.

When an invoice is fully approved it is made available for export to your AP system for payment.

If you do not agree with items on the invoice you should reject the invoice. Rejecting an invoice will send a message to the supplier telling them the reason for rejection, after which the supplier can edit the invoice and resend it to you.

Approving & Rejecting Invoices
To Approve or Reject invoices, first login and click 'Suppliers' on the top left.  Then, from the 'My Inbox' menu on the blue bar, select 'My Outstanding Reviews'.  This shows all invoices assigned to you for review, and you can search for individual invoices.

Beside each invoice there are a number of actions you can perform:
View   View the invoice PDF document.
Reject?   Give the reason for rejecting the invoice and enter specific message details in the pop-up window.
Modify   Obsolete
Query?   Send a message to the supplier querying the details of the invoice (opens a Conversation)
Approve   Opens the invoice approval window.
Re-Assign   If the invoice has been assigned to you or your cost centre in error you can re-assign it to appropriate approver in your cost centre or click include other cost centres to assign it to an approver in a different cost centre.
Track   See the timeline of events for this invoice. ie when it was received, checked by the system, previously approved and by whom and when it was exported for payment and in what export batch.

Matching Invoice Lines to PO Lines
If you are set up to match invoices to POs within OnePosting, you can complete line level validation against invoices received.

After selecting 'Approve' on an Invoice, the 'Invoice to Purchase Order Matching' screen displays a summary of the Invoice Header on the top left and a list of Outstanding POs with that supplier on the top right.

If the PO value on the invoice matches an outstanding PO, the two are matched automatically and line details for that PO are loaded into the 'Purchase Order Lines' section. Below that the Invoice line details are loaded.

Line Assigning

If a product code or description on an invoice line matches the product details on a PO line the system will automatically assign the invoice line(s) to that PO line. This assignment of invoice lines to PO lines is necessary as this allows the correct VAT Rate code and Purchases account code to be taken from the PO line and assigned to the invoice line for export to your AP system.

If the QTY and Price on the invoice are equal to or less than the PO details, the invoice lines will be auto matched to the PO lines and will not be shown by default on the invoice approval screen. Only lines that need to be reviewed due to price or QTY issues and lines that have not been assigned to a PO line are shown by default. This is to help with the process of approving invoices with large numbers of lines.

Any invoice lines that are shown fall into three categories.
1 - Matched to PO line but QTY on the invoice is higher than the PO. - These values are highlighted in Purple on the left column indicating these do not need to be tagged and matched to the PO lines.
2 - Matched to PO but Price differs due to rounding issues. These are highlighted in Blue font on the right hand column and are already matched to the PO line so do not require matching again.
3 - Not matched - These lines are highlighted in Red in the right hand column.

To see all lines including matched lines, click the Show All lines button. Alternatively view the invoice PDF near the bottom of the screen.

If you wish to undo line assignings use the reset buttons belwo the Match lines button
     Reset Session: Resets any lines you have manually assigned since you started reviewing this invoice.
     Reset All: Resets all line assignings including lines auto matched by the system.

If all lines have been un-assigned but you would like OnePosting to re-process the invoice and auto match the lines again go back to the 'My Outstanding Reviews' screen, tag the invoice and click the Re-Process button. 

Manually Assigning Invoice lines to PO lines
Where invoice product details have not found matching details on a PO line, these lines need to be manually assigned. 
To Match Lines just tick the box on the PO line to be matched, then tick the box on the invoice line, and click  'Match Lines to PO'. 

The outstanding amounts of both the invoice and the PO are displayed on the right of each grid (and if you match lines in error, just click the reset session button to start again).

When finished, click the ‘Submit Approval’ button. If the amounts of the invoice and PO match, the PO will be marked as complete automatically. If they don’t, you can still mark the PO as complete by ticking 'Mark PO as fully Processed' before clicking submit.

Totals Reconciliation
Along side the PDF you will see the totals reconciliation section. 

This shows the Calculated totals using the data extracted from the PDF. This uses the extracted QTY and price to calculate the invoice totals and acts as a reconciliation for the data extraction process.

It updates when any VAT rate changes are made to the invoice lines while approving the invoice. 

If the calculated totals in the Calculated Net VAT and Gross fields do not match the Extracted totals in the Original Details for the PDF fields you should check that the invoice lines and VAT rates are as they should be. Change any incorrect VAT rates. 

If you are happy to proceed with the extracted totals tick the 'Override VAT Calculation - Accept Suppliers' tick box.


If you are happy that the invoice details are correct and you wish to approve the invoice. 

Tick the Submit Approval button. Alternatively if there are totals differences due to rounding issues you can tick the Approve with differences button (This just saves you scrolling back up and ticking the accept suppliers totals tick box in the calculated totals reconciliation fields.)

If some lines have not been matched to a PO line the system will highlight this to you. You can proceed with the approval regardless by ticking the Approve Anyway tick box and clicking submit again.

If Vat rates have been changed on the invoice lines to a different rate to what is on the PO, the approver will be warned after clicking Submit Approval and will need to tick the box to confirm they are happy to allow the Vat rates as they are on the invoice.

If there are differences between the invoice QTY or price and those on the PO this will be highlighted to the Approver with a message above the approve button. Tick the Accept Anyway tick box to proceed. Then tick approve again.



If you are not satisfied with the details on the invoice you can send it back to the supplier by rejecting it. 

To do this select a reject reason and enter your own reject details in the text box then click Reject.

A message will be sent to the supplier with the details you entered. The supplier can make changes to the invoice and re-send it or if they do not have the facility in their system they can log into OnePosting and view the rejected invoice. They can make minor changes to the invoice header if required such as editing the PO number and re-submitting the invoice.

Field Definitions

There is a lot of complexity handled on the PO - Invoice line matching function and in order to fully understand what the screen is displaying it is essential to know the purpose of each field. 


PO lines (Key fields are highlighted in bold)

Field Name   Function
Item No   The order of lines on the PO.
Purchases Account   Purchases or Nominal account to which the PO line is assigned. When an invoice line is matched to this Po line, this is the purchases / nominal account that the invoice line will also be assigned to.
You   When an invoice line is split over more than one cost centre, this field indicates to the approver that this is the line they need to approve.
Alternate Cost Centre   Cost centre to which the line is assigned to.
Product Details   Product/service line Code and Description
Quantity   Ordered Quantity
Item Price   Price per item
Export & Allocated   This field shows how much of the PO line has already been allocated to an invoice line on another invoice. This amount has already been approved and therefore is committed.
Auto & Manual Committed   This shows the value of the PO that has been assigned to other invoices that are still awaiting full approval.
When this invoice is approved, if it fulfills the PO or uses some of the available balance that has been auto assigned to another invoice that is still in the queue for approval, those other invoice reviews will be recalculated after this invoice has been approved.
This Session Additions   Shows what value of the PO has been assigned to invoice lines during this invoice approval review.
Outstanding   Displays how much of the total value of the line is still available to be assigned to invoices.


Invoice Lines (Key fields are highlighted in bold)

Item No   Order of lines on the invoice
Ship   Indicates if lines are Shipping charges
Status / Reason   This field shows the match status of the line and the reason why if it is unmatched. 
Product Details   Product or Service code &/or Description
Alt Purchases Account   The Purchases / Nominal account to which this invoice is assigned. (Can be changed by tagging the line and clicking the Assign Purchases Account Button)
QTY/Split   Qty of product being invoiced. 
If an invoice line is split over more than one cost centre this shows the amount of the split QTY that is assigned to this cost centre 
Item Price   Price per item
Line Total / Split   Line value
Or value of the split amount assigned to this cost centre.
VAT Rate   VAT Rate assigned to this line. (Can be changed by selecting another)
Line VAT   Shows the amount of VAT charged on this line
Allocated   How much of this line has been auto allocated or allocated on a previous approval of this invoice.
This   Amount of the invoice that is being matched in this approval session.
Outstanding   Value of invoice line still un-allocated to a PO line


Invoice Status / Reason Field Explained
The Status / Reason field shows the matched status of lines on the to p line of the field and if lines are not matched it indicates the reason why on the bottom line. This field together with the Outstanding field provide a full picture of each invoice line so it is important for approvers to understand these fields fully.

Status Reason Outstanding What this means Action
Awaiting Approval Manual Assigning Necessary

Full amount of the line is shown as O/S in Red

This line is unmatched and needs to be manually assigned to the correct PO line by the approver.  Click the invoice line, then click the PO line and click Match Lines button.
Part Approved Against Purchase Order Price Greater than PO Value of less than 5c shown in Blue This means there is a rounding issue on the invoice causing a small difference between the line total on the invoice and the calculated total using the QTY x Price. Generally caused by prices of more than 2 decimal places rounded differently by different systems. The value is shown in blue to indicate it is within the allowed rounding tolerance. No physical action needed. Check the QTY and Price and ensure you are satisfied with the values as normal.
Line Fully Matched Price Less than PO Auto Matched in Green The line is auto matched by the system. The price does not match the PO but it is less than the price on the PO which is accepted as a match. No physical action needed. Check the QTY and Price as normal to confirm delivery.
Line Fully matched Matched - No check required Auto Matched in Green The line is auto matched by the system because all details match the PO. No physical action needed. Check the QTY and Price as normal to confirm delivery.
Approved without value quantity match   Line Value in Purple This shows the line is picked up and linked on product details with a corresponding line on the PO. But the price and quantity do not match. Invoice and PO lines do not need to be manually clicked and matched to each other but the QTY and Price need to be checked.


How are invoice and PO lines matched when the QTY is the same but the invoice price is greater?

When matching invoice lines to PO lines the QTY is the primary piece of data. OnePosting draws down from the approved value of a PO by QTY, reducing the outstanding amount of the approved PO value by the QTY by the invoice price.

So when the price on the invoice is greater than the price on the PO, the PO value on that line will be fulfilled possibly before all of the ordered QTYs are drawn down. See the following example.

A PO is raised for;

10 Oranges @ 10c = Line Total 1.00 euro
10 Apples   @ 10c = Line Total 1.00 euro.

An invoice is received for this PO with the following details.

10 Oranges @ 10c = line total 1.00 euro
10 Apples   @ 13c = line total 1.30 euro.

Line 1 on the invoice for Oranges will fully Auto match because the values are the same. 
But line two is for a value greater than the approved value on the PO so the line is drawn down QTY by QTY until the approved PO value is fulfilled.
8 x 13c = 1.04 euro. Therefore a QTY of 8 can be assigned to the PO line but the line is now fulfilled and the remaining QTY of 2 on the invoice line is unmatched. 

Action: In this case, if you are not satisfied that the price on the invoice is correct, reject the invoice but if you are satisfied you can proceed to approve the invoice clicking the Approve Anyway when the system notifies you that not all invoice values are matched.


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