How to Approve an invoice with PO line matching

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Approving an invoice sent to you directly from your suppliers allows the invoice to continue.
Rejecting an invoice will send a message to the supplier telling them the reason for rejection, after which the supplier can edit the invoice and resend it to you.

To Approve or Reject invoices, first login and click 'Suppliers' on the top left.  Then select 'My Inbox' from the blue menu bar and 'My Reviews' from the left hand menu.  This shows all invoices assigned to you for review, and you can search for individual invoices.

Beside each invoice there are a number of actions you can perform:
View   View the complete invoice PDF.
Reject?   Give the reason for rejecting the invoice and enter specific message details in the pop-up window.
Modify   You can modify invoice header details to allow invoices to be approved.
Query?   Send a message to the supplier querying the details of the invoice (opens a Conversation)
Approve   Depending upon your AP process you may be set up to approve invoices visually or by matching product details to POs at a line level.  If approving an invoice with PO line matching, you are given the line details of the invoice and the relevant PO, and products can be matched between the two documents which contributes to the catalogue for future use.
Visual Invoice Approval   A summary of the invoice can be seen to the right of the pop-up window. The invoice can be assigned to a nominal account and approved or escalated to a second approver.

Matching Invoice Lines to PO Lines
If you are set up to match invoices to POs within OnePosting, you can complete line level validation against invoices received.

After selecting 'Approve' on an Invoice, the 'Invoice to Purchase Order Matching' screen displays a summary of the Invoice Header on the top left and a list of Outstanding POs on the top right.

If the PO value on the invoice matches an outstanding PO, the two are matched automatically and line details for that PO are loaded into the 'Purchase Order Lines' section. Below that the Invoice line details are loaded.

To Match Lines just tick the box on the PO line to be matched, then tick the box on the invoice line, and click  'Match Lines to PO'.

The outstanding amounts of both the invoice and the PO are displayed on the right of each grid (and if you match lines in error, just click the reset button to start again).

When finished, click the ‘Submit Approval’ button. If the amounts of the invoice and PO match, the PO will be marked as complete automatically. If they don’t, you can still mark the PO as complete by ticking 'Mark PO as fully Processed' before clicking submit.


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