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The following terms are used in this article :

Connection   A link between two businesses/organisations
Cost Centre   A department/location within an organisation that has been assigned the management of a certain set of suppliers and purchase orders
Cost Centre Member   A member of the cost centre

Posting of Documents to OnePosting
Establish at the Organisation level if sign off required for inbound documents.
- If the target connection is known OnePosting will check this for an alternate setting.

Establish the cost centre that will deal with the invoice.
- Check the PO against member masks. Check using the list of cost centre members assigned to the organisation OnePosting sees if the Purchase Order number on the document matches the mask for that member.
- Check the Connection between the two organisations to establish the primary cost centre assigned to this relationship.
- If no cost centres above then uses the default cost centre setup on the Organisation
Note: That if a cost centre is assigned to both a member and the connection the connection will take priority

Establish the sign off process required
- Check the Connection between the two organisations to establish if approval is required for document release, to establish the number of days to review and primary cost centre assigned to this relationship

Screen the invoice
- The member list established is then notified based on the outcome of the screening process. Actions include approving and resolving of quarantined items.

Manual Approval Screen
During the approval process the user assigned to review documents can approve or reject documents from their approval inbox. When the user clicks on the approve button the system establishes a number of things.
- Is the user still allowed approve for this cost centre?
- Does the limit of the invoice exceed their allowed approval values? If their limit is 0 then this check will not occur. If the limit is exceeded the final approval tick box is disabled and unchecked.

The user then has the option to
- Manually escalate for approval based on value (even if below the users limit)
- Assign a Nominal Code to the invoice
- Mark the document as finally approved. (If access granted)

OnePosting will then mark the document as approved for export if the final approval document is ticked. If the limit is exceeded then the user will not be able to do this but they will be able to approve it from their department’s perspective and leave it for final decision with the escalated to member.


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