My customer isn't receiving their invoice or document emails

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If a customer isn't receiving their email notifications, search for the customer in the Customer Zone and check if the contact exists on the account.  If not, you can add them, and they will receive notifications going forward.  If they are already there, check if an email notification has been sent to them.

If a notification has not been sent, check if their account has a Head Office and linked delivery accounts, and if so then check if the contact should be receiving invoices for the Head Office but has registered on a delivery account address. In this case they will only receive invoices relating to that delivery address. To rectify this, just add the contact to the Head Office account.  You can read more about how to manage these accounts here.

If a notification has been sent, double check that the email address entered is 100% correct.  If it is, ask the customer to check their email Spam or Junk folders, and to ask their IT department to see if our email has been blocked on their side.  If they make a change on their side, you can resend the notification to the user and tell them if they do not receive it within half an hour to let you know.

If none of the above resolves the issue for the customer, ask your customer to contact OnePosting Support at where we will be happy to assist.

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