How do I check the current status and activity history on an Invoice?

OnePosting Customer Care -

If you use OnePosting to receive all inbound invoices to your company, you can use the 'Track' option.

Login and click 'Suppliers' on the top left, then choose 'All Inbound Documents' from the blue menu bar. (You will require Administrator access to see this option)

Check that the Current Business Unit on the right hand side (just above the Blue options bar) is correct, then set the dates to cover the timeline you wish to search.

To search for an invoice enter one of the following :
- Invoice number
- PO Number
- Supplier Reference Code
- Supplier Name (or part of)
and then click the Refresh button.

Your search results will load. If there are a lot of matching results, you will need to scroll through the pages of results using the arrows and page numbers at the bottom of the search results table. Or alternatively refine your search criteria.

When you find the invoice you want, use the track option to see what actions have tasks have been completed on the invoice, then click the Track option beside the invoice to view.

A window will display a summary of the current status of the invoice, including a review summary at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the timeline tab and click the Refresh Timeline button.

This will show all actions performed against the invoice with a status beside each. Any status of Open requires attention.

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