How do I install Data Collector on Windows?

OnePosting Customer Care -

Please follow the following instructions to install DataCollector on Windows :

1. Ensure you are logged into the install machine as an administrator.
2. Download the installation file as instructed.
3. Double click the DataCollectorSetup.exe file. This is a compressed file and will ask you where to extract the contents to. You can specify any folder - a temporary folder is fine.
4. Click Install.
5. The OnePosting installation wizard will be displayed.
6. Click Next.
7. It will ask you where to install the application. It is recommended that you accept the suggested default location. We would also recommend installing 'For Everyone'.
8. Click Next.
9. Click Next again on the following screen. You may be asked to allow the install file the permissions required to complete the installation - you should allow this.
10. You will now see the OnePosting Data Collector configuration screen.
11. Enter your security key as provided.
12. Specify the folder on the same machine that you will drop files into.
13. If proxy details are required to connect to the internet please specify.
14. Click OK to complete.
15. Drop a test file (a text file called test.txt containing the word test) into the folder to ensure it is working as expected.

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