How do I manage internal users on my OnePosting account?

OnePosting Customer Care -

Login to OnePosting and choose 'My Organisations' from the Members link on the top left.  This will load a screen with your company details.  If you are the administrator for more than one company you will be asked to select the company you want to work with by clicking 'View' beside your company's logo.  If you only manage one company with OnePosting, you will automatically skip this step.

Now click 'Manage Members' on the left.

To add a new user, select the 'Create Member' button and just add Email address, First Name and Last Name.  'Access Settings' allow you to control what the new administrator will have access to (you can accept the default settings for general users).  'Grant Administration Access' should only be ticked for users requiring administrator access.

When ready to add your new member, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Create Member'.

To remove a user you also go to 'Manage Members' as above, but then you tick the box beside the user instead and click 'Mark Inactive'.

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