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How to print an invoice, statement or other document :

The method used to print documents depends on which Internet browser you use on your computer.  Instructions for each are below.

A ribbon appears at the top of the document allowing you to jump to a specific page or zoom.  Click on >> 'Tools' on the right of the ribbon and select Print.

Google Chrome
Right click on the document itself and select 'Print'.  If the next screen only offers the option to 'Save', select the 'Change' option on the Destination section and select the printer you want to use.  You will now be able to print directly to the printer you specified.

Internet Explorer
Right click on the document itself and select 'Print'.

Go to the File menu on the top left and choose 'Print'.  This will show a quick preview of the document where you simply click 'Print' again to send it to your printer of choice.

Always ensure you have the latest version of your third-party PDF software (e.g. for Adobe Reader, go to  If you can't print your invoice after checking the above, or are having other problems with printing documents, you should download the document to your computer (using the down-arrow button on the Digital Envelope) and print it from there.  Your IT support desk should be able to resolve any other issues in relation to printing.

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