I can't open my invoice or document from OnePosting

OnePosting Customer Care -

We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome as your Internet browser when viewing documents on OnePosting.  Remember to ensure you have a PDF Reader (such as Adobe) installed, and note that OnePosting supports Windows Vista/7/8/10, and Mac OSX 10.7 and newer.

If you use Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge can't display PDFs correctly, and instead shows a message 'Cannot open PDF'.  If you are using Microsoft Edge, click the three dots to the top right of Edge and choose the option 'Open with Internet Explorer'.

If you use Google Chrome
If your document isn't appearing correctly, Chrome's PDF viewer may have been turned off.  To turn it on, open Chrome and type the following address in your address bar :
Now under 'Chrome PDF Viewer', click 'Enable PDF viewing', then try opening your digital envelope again.

If you want to download your document as a PDF
You will see a downward-arrow button on the top right of your digital envelope, this can be used for downloading your documents as PDF to your computer.

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