How to View or Reinstate Rejected Invoices

Padraig Kelly -

When an invoice is submitted to OnePosting it can be auto rejected by the system due to missing data or data integrity issues. They can also be rejected by the approver when the invoice is presented for approval if the approver finds an issue with it.

All rejected invoices can be viewed and/or reinstated using the 'Rejected' view.

Log into OnePosting and select the 'Suppliers' link in the top left of the screen. This brings you to the Supplier zone.

From the 'All Inbound Documents' menu on the Blue bar select 'Rejected'

Search for the invoice(s) you wish to view using the date fields to filter by date and one of;
1 - Invoice Ref
2 - PO Ref
3 - Supplier name or Ref.

Viewing and Querying

You can view the PDF by clicking the View option.
The 'Track' option shows you a history of activity against the invoice including when it was rejected.
'Query' allows you to send a question to your supplier relating to the invoice.

Reinstating a rejected Invoice

To Reinstate an invoice, tick the select box to the left of the View link on the relevant invoice(s).
Click the 'Reinstate' button in the section above the list of invoices.



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